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Our Story

CK Food® Creates Plant-based Food of

Diverse Cultures since 1986

"We believe everyone deserves

a nice plant-based meal."

CK Food was founded and is currently based in Taiwan, where more of 13% its population are vegans/vegetarians. We have 30 years of experience in vegan/vegetarian cuisines, and our goal is to cultivate a variety of cross-cultural vegan/vegetarian cuisine that is to be enjoyed as well as embraced by a bigger worldwide population.


We stick to our principles when it comes to the safety of our products so as to gain approvals and recognitions from organizations like FSSC 22000, HACCP and ISO 22000. They show that we place great emphases on the health and wellbeing of our worldwide consumers.

Over 30 Years of Dedication to Vegan Food

Established in 1986, CHYUAN KUANG PROVISION CO, LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of vegan/vegetarian food Taiwan. Located in Taoyuan, our headquarters covers an area of 4,900 square meters for production and another area of 8,200 square meters for our workers.

Produce 100% vegan/vegetarian foods

We dedicate our production line merely to vegan/vegetarian foods to prevent any chance of cross-contamination from non-plant-based elements in our products.

Expanded over 20 Countries

Our products have been embraced by consumers of 20 countries, and we are grateful that they show appreciation towards the quality and flavor of CK Food. Check our Distributers if you wish to learn more in details. 

Experienced in vegan food of diverse cultures

We have lots of experience in vegan cuisines as a result of our great efforts to acquire the cultural/religious restrictions concerning vegan diets, and we forbid any ingredients related to onion and garlic as we do follow the Buddhist ascetic diet. In so doing, we facilitate the consumers of diverse religious beliefs to enjoy their food with relief. Please read the details of our Products for more information.

Strictly certified products

We have routines to carefully examine our production lines as well as the products that are about to be released into the markets. Our efforts have been recognized by FSSC 22000, HACCP and ISO 20000. Check Certifications if you wish to learn more.


Standardized Production Process

All the products manufactured by CK Food® are the results from a strictly standardized process, and we aim to provide the best possible products for our consumers.

Bacteria Check

We hire eligible institutes that have received international recognitions to examine our foods. The examiners set up an effective mechanism to analyze and regulate our products. 

Worker’s Hygiene

We have steady training programs to educate our workers about the necessary hygiene in our food processing to regulate the quality of our products. 

Food Quality

We use Ethyl Alcohol(75%) to sanitize our machinery before and after processing our products so as to main a hygienic work environment to live up the HACCP standards for clean food. 

Hygiene Regulation

We aim to live up to the ideal standards of hygienic food processing so as to hire examiners who specializes in the power of hydrogen for water as well as the regulations concerning microorganism in foods. In so doing, we can ensure that our products meet the requirements of modern food industry. 

Individual Quick Freezing

We adopt Individual Quick Freezing to preserve and elevate the quality of our products by lowering their temperatures to -12 Celsius, for the least, within 30 or 40 minutes.

Quality Control

The packaging of our food has been carefully examined by metal detectors. We make sure that our products are within the standardized weights and free of any metal materials. We even outsource a third party to ensure further in accordance of our annual sales.

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